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exhibitions-november 2017

November 2 - 26, 2017


Paula Izydorek presents Ingrained  |  Cleveland, OH

Paula Izydorek’s artwork hypothesizes how submersion in the natural environment affects ones biochemistry, interpersonal conflicts and overall wellbeing. Repetition and line markings are the foundation of her process and Izydorek pairs acrylic paint with birch wood to employ intertwining linear systems and geometric forms that interplay with the surface of the wood while utilizing the naturally occurring grain. These abstract patterns serve as a recall to the interconnectivity of ones physiological state in response to their immediate environment. Through painting Izydorek examines and attempts to resolve universal yet personal conflicts such as the meaning of home or the unfolding of self worth. During this process based exploration she incorporates wood grain as the main subject of her narrative. The unique grain pattern metaphorically portrays how ones experiential journey exist in a constant state of being altered by the surrounding energy in ones environment. This discovery inspires Izydorek to recreate the same layout multiple times resulting in her oeuvre. Finally Izydorek is drawn to birch wood for its light tone, fine grain and its ability to serve as both a painting surface and a structure. Since the grain is a rudimentary element of her compositions, each piece of wood is hand selected then made into custom panels with a recessed floating cradle. Interplaying with the concept of energy being transformed from one form to another, Izydorek applies hue to the interior of the unframed recessed panels creating an aura that defuses the boundaries of the visual space between her paintings and the wall.


Doug Dolde presents Mojave Mojo  |  Wonder Valley, CA

If I could paint, I would. But I cannot so I let Nature do the painting then steal her work. I don’t try to reproduce or document nature. Thus the images are not necessarily documentary but rather developed to suit my taste and feeling. I’ll let the images speak for themselves as these few words are about the limit of my philosophy.

Doug received his BS in mathematics from Indiana University in 1970 and worked as an aerospace design engineer for most of his career. Doug has been photographing the landscape of the American West since 2001. He began with 4x5 inch transparency film, and currently uses a Phase One IQ180 eighty megapixel medium format digital system. His work has won several awards at the Topanga Canyon Gallery, Escondido Art Association, Sedona Arts Center, and San Diego Museum of Natural History. He regularly shows and sells his work at the Borrego Art Institute, Desert Art Center in Palm Springs, 29 Palms Gallery, and JTAG in Joshua Tree, California. His images can also be licensed for publication through Getty Images. He considers a total workflow from capturing the image to producing and framing the final print as essential in producing a fine art piece of the highest quality possible.


Guild Member Artists present a Group Exhibition

Our valued Guild Member Artists will present a group exhibition in the Pickering Room.

Our Guild Members are the lifeblood of the 29 Palms Art Gallery. This all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 Guild was started by eight artists in 1951-2, the permanent Gallery space was opened in 1963, and it continues to be operated and supported by Guild Members today. Its mission is to present high-quality art, to encourage creative growth through innovative educational programs, and to offer an inclusive environment for artists and community members to meet, exchange ideas, and create art.

The Gallery is one of the most important artist resources in the Morongo Basin. It is the longest-standing non-profit art space and for over 50 years has presented the best of the Hi-Desert. Each year, the 29 Palms Art Gallery presents a range of exhibitions that reinforce the mission of the Guild and the Gallery, and supports the artists and the community we serve. The diversity and mix of exhibitions reflects an ever-changing artistic community as well as the Gallery’s roots and traditions.

Members have the opportunity to exhibit artwork in members-only exhibitions, enter annual juried shows, or be considered for featured-artist exhibitions. Other perks include: free links to member websites, art classes, artist professional development, weekly paint outs, invitations to important events, and docent or volunteer opportunities.

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