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exhibition-november 2016

November 3 - 27, 2016

Cathy Allen

Lucia Grossberger-Morales presents Sacred Bots

I often don’t have a plan when I begin a painting, and sometimes they surprise me. In 2012, a couple of days after I returned from a conference on Incan art and weavings, the paintings that emerged from my brush looked like Incan tunics. After a few of these paintings, an abstracted figure appeared, wearing Incan patterns. When a friend asked me if I had a title, thoughtlessly, I replied, “Sacred Bots.”

I had never heard the phrase before, and was intrigued at the concept of a Sacred Robot. I spent six months researching, trying to find anything that had been written about technology being sacred. In my research, I found a small book by Masahiro Mori, a Japanese robot developer and founder of the first robot-building competition in Japan. In 1988, he wrote the captivating book, The Buddha in the Robot: a Robot Engineer’s Thoughts on Science and Religion. In the first paragraph he wrote, “I believe robots have the Buddha-nature within them--that is, the potential for attaining Buddhahood.”

How does a robot attain Buddhahood? By accumulating merit for good deeds. To get merit, the robot must perform acts that are helpful. Humans are responsible for consciously designing and building good machines, and to operate them for the good of people and the planet.

Additionally, why can’t robots be beautiful? Why can’t they be works of art?


Cathy Allen presents The Deserts Inspires  |  Wonder Valley, CA

For many visual artists, the rendering of its various flora and fauna are a concern during production of their work, while striving to perfectly mimic the unique elements of light, space, color and textures. In the context of local history, desert landscape paintings are a favorite form of art, and here at the 29 Palms Art Gallery their display is considered tradition.

This show, Desert Landscape Installation is inspired by the desert and pays homage to desert landscape painting. The mediums, construction and concepts however, depart from the traditional.

Often landscape paintings will depict a pristine subject void of human presence. Though the artist may have experienced the scene first-hand, the viewer of the art participates second-hand, outside the painting. They behold a picture rendered and must place themselves into the scene through the imagination. Painted realistic scenes make this process easier.

Desert Landscape Installation is an interactive environment providing the viewer with a first-hand experience – you may walk through and physically engage while involved in imaginative play.

The show acknowledges a human presence and its impact upon the desert environment. Inspiration for this is derived from daily desert walks and the discovery of manufactured items left behind by humans. Ninety-eight percent of the materials in the installation are objects that have been either neglectfully abandoned or willfully discarded in the desert. Inspired by this remnant landscape, the items have been repurposed into art objects. The constructed composition creates a surreal environment and is shared with the desert landscape painting* at the end of the room.

While engaging, please consider the spatial relationship of painting to installation, the history of the appropriated objects, and your physical experience within the work.


Guild Member Artists present a Group Exhibition

Our valued Guild Member Artists will present a group exhibition in the Pickering Room.

Our Guild Members are the lifeblood of the 29 Palms Art Gallery. This all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 Guild was started by eight artists in 1951-2, the permanent Gallery space was opened in 1963, and it continues to be operated and supported by Guild Members today. Its mission is to present high-quality art, to encourage creative growth through innovative educational programs, and to offer an inclusive environment for artists and community members to meet, exchange ideas, and create art.

The Gallery is one of the most important artist resources in the Morongo Basin. It is the longest-standing non-profit art space and for over 50 years has presented the best of the Hi-Desert. Each year, the 29 Palms Art Gallery presents a range of exhibitions that reinforce the mission of the Guild and the Gallery, and supports the artists and the community we serve. The diversity and mix of exhibitions reflects an ever-changing artistic community as well as the Gallery’s roots and traditions.

Members have the opportunity to exhibit artwork in members-only exhibitions, enter annual juried shows, or be considered for featured-artist exhibitions. Other perks include: free links to member websites, art classes, artist professional development, weekly paint outs, invitations to important events, and docent or volunteer opportunities.

Would you like to show your artwork in the Guild Members Exhibition? Become a Guild Member and participate in all the Artist Opportunities available to our membership.

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