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exhibition-february 2016

February 3-28, 2016 | 12 - 3 pm 

James O'Keefe artwork

James O'Keefe presents Deserts & Lakes  |  Joshua Tree, CA

Work for this show started about 3 years ago when the influence of the desert started to appear in my painting.The vast physicality of the open spaces, the big sky and variety of rock formations all have combined into an urge to paint and express, at least facets and elements of these desert qualities.

Today my concerns with painting fall under the general heading of abstraction, however it is often the lines, shapes and patterns found in nature that get me started. The paintings you see today are some of the answers I have found in trying to portray a desert of inner geography, whose boundaries and sensibilities correspond only to my own desires.

James OKeefe lives in Joshua Tree, California with his wife, Nan, and their dog, Ona. James has been a member of JTAG gallery since 2010.


Suzanne Ross presents Burka  |  Wonder Valley, CA

The intent of my handmade fiber and mixed media works is to reflect my emotional reaction to the power of control which is insinuated in a burka (or shadri as it is called in Afganistan).

Inside, looking out: I identify personally and psychologically in an emotional reaction to the veil’s stressful isolation and confinement from the rest of the world.

Outside, looking in: I am effected by the religious treatment imposed on unwilling women around the world, that reinforces their inferior social status.

My process is a water vacuum treatment that condenses pulp to a manageable stage so it can be created into an abstract, or suggestively realistic form and left to dry and harden revealing underlying textures.

The composition of the work can contain abaca, or hemp fiber, dyes, and pastel adorned with the addition of found objects or other cast out embellishments. My process has evolved over the last 20 years.

A native of New York state, Suzanne Ross attended the Empire State College and University of Buffalo and holds a Bachelors Degree in the Visual Arts. While living in New York City for six years she studied at Pratt Graphic Arts Center, The New School, The School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League.

In the 80s, she founded peopleart/bYlo, a Gallery Arts Center in Buffalo, NY and served as Director-­Curator for five years. In Los Angeles in the 90s Ross created paper sculpture in her studio in The Women’s Arts Building and exhibited in the city. In 2000, Ms. Ross moved to Wonder Valley, California, where she presently maintains her studio.


Guild Member Artists present a Group Exhibition

Our valued Guild Member Artists will present a group exhibition in the Pickering Room.

Our Guild Members are the lifeblood of the 29 Palms Art Gallery. This all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 Guild was started by eight artists in 1951-2, the permanent Gallery space was opened in 1963, and it continues to be operated and supported by Guild Members today. Its mission is to present high-quality art, to encourage creative growth through innovative educational programs, and to offer an inclusive environment for artists and community members to meet, exchange ideas, and create art.

The Gallery is one of the most important artist resources in the Morongo Basin. It is the longest-standing non-profit art space and for over 50 years has presented the best of the Hi-Desert. Each year, the 29 Palms Art Gallery presents a range of exhibitions that reinforce the mission of the Guild and the Gallery, and supports the artists and the community we serve. The diversity and mix of exhibitions reflects an ever-changing artistic community as well as the Gallery’s roots and traditions.

Members have the opportunity to exhibit artwork in members-only exhibitions, enter annual juried shows, or be considered for featured-artist exhibitions. Other perks include: free links to member websites, art classes, artist professional development, weekly paint outs, invitations to important events, and docent or volunteer opportunities.

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