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exhibition-december 2016

Robert Miramontes

Robert Miramontes presents Joshua Tree After Dark

Robert Miramontes, a native of Southern California, spent nearly his entire life exploring, rock climbing, and photographing Joshua Tree National Park. His extensive collection of Joshua Tree National Park photography spans over 25 years, chronicling a near fanatical obsession with the place. Robert’s photography can be seen in books and magazines distributed world-wide.

Joshua Tree After Dark explores the fantastic world of Joshua Tree National Park after dark. With many visitors leaving the Park as the sun sets, few witness the haunting serenity and bizarre beauty that this strange landscape offers.

This compilation of photographs of Joshua Tree National Park was captured in the years 2015 and 2016, using both traditional and modern digital photography techniques. Many of the images were shot using the latest in field lighting and effect lighting techniques. Some of the images, including all of the “star trails” photos were shot utilizing a digital processing technique known as stacking. For this technique, many images of an exact scene are shot in rapid succession. The shots are then layered one on top of the other, and blended in a way that the brightest areas shine through to the top. The primary reason for doing this is image quality: modern digital cameras heat up on long exposures, resulting in noise (grain) build-up – otherwise, the same image could be produced on a single shot.


Guild Members present The Mini Show 

Make your holiday gift original . . . give artwork by a local artist! Join us for this special exhibition of our holiday Mini Show where our Guild Member Artist present "giftable" artwork. Support our Guild Member Artists and the Gallery by shopping here first.


Guild Member Artists present a Group Exhibition

Our valued Guild Member Artists will present a group exhibition in the Pickering Room.

Our Guild Members are the lifeblood of the 29 Palms Art Gallery. This all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 Guild was started by eight artists in 1951-2, the permanent Gallery space was opened in 1963, and it continues to be operated and supported by Guild Members today. Its mission is to present high-quality art, to encourage creative growth through innovative educational programs, and to offer an inclusive environment for artists and community members to meet, exchange ideas, and create art.

The Gallery is one of the most important artist resources in the Morongo Basin. It is the longest-standing non-profit art space and for over 50 years has presented the best of the Hi-Desert. Each year, the 29 Palms Art Gallery presents a range of exhibitions that reinforce the mission of the Guild and the Gallery, and supports the artists and the community we serve. The diversity and mix of exhibitions reflects an ever-changing artistic community as well as the Gallery’s roots and traditions.

Members have the opportunity to exhibit artwork in members-only exhibitions, enter annual juried shows, or be considered for featured-artist exhibitions. Other perks include: free links to member websites, art classes, artist professional development, weekly paint outs, invitations to important events, and docent or volunteer opportunities.

Would you like to show your artwork in the Guild Members Exhibition? Become a Guild Member and participate in all the Artist Opportunities available to our membership.

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