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Art Classes & Workshops

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The following art classes and workshops are made possible in part by grants from the Officers Spouses’ Club of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and the Public Arts Advisory Committee of the City of Twentynine Palms. They are supported by volunteer efforts of 29 Palms Art Gallery members and on-going donations from our community friends and supporters. We thank you!

Young artists ages 5 to 17 are offered art classes monthly (generally on Saturdays) for $5 per class. Classes are taught by guild member artists with exhibitions in the gallery during the season. Watch for updates to our current class offerings, or see this full class schedule for the 2015-16 season. Class space is limited, so register and pay in advance to reserve your place.

Adult artists ages 17 and up are offered art classes and workshops monthly for $10 to $15 per class plus occassional materials fees. Classes and workshops are conducted by guild member artists with exhibitions in the gallery during the season. Watch for updates to our current class offerings for the 2015-16 season. Class space is limited, so register and pay in advance to reserve your place.

Upcoming Classes


JUNE 20-29 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)  |  8:30-11 am  | Youth (ages 5-17)  |  $60 (members), $75 (non-members)

Color Camp: Chalk and Paint | Register today, class sizes are limited.  REGISTER ONLINE  |  Download Registration Form

Color Camp 2017The focus of this camp is to have students develop a deep understanding of the use of color in a variety of media. The class will include practice and experimentation with color theory, examples from famous artists, and training using the tools of art for best results. By the end of the class each student will have created a portfolio of work in a variety of media and styles of art.

Day 1, June 20: Collage Portfolio Making
In this class students will create portfolio covers to collect and organize their work during their color camp experience. Portfolios will be made with heavy card stock decorated with intuitively organized swatches of colored paper and magazines. The final composition will be covered with clear shelving paper.

Day 2, June 21: The Color Wheel and Color Theory Charts
During this session, students will use primary colors, plus tints and shades to create a standard color wheel chart by mixing the primary colors. They will also create value scales, analogues, and complementary color examples.

Day 3, June 22: Monochromatic Fruit Still Life
A simple still life will be provided with strong light and dark shadows. Students will first use contour line drawing to create their thumbnail, charcoal, chiaroscuro composition. Next they will choose a primary or secondary color as the base for their painting. By using the complementary color plus white students will practice creating a value scale with their chosen base color, progressing from white to dark, and a matching value scale using the complementary color of their chosen color. The next step will be to create a full scale contour one drawing of the basic elements of the composition. Using a very thin wash of the complement color, students will size their composition (create a background) with this medium value. They will paint in the basic shapes of the base composition with the primary color. Then, highlight the light and dark areas with tints and shades of the darkest dark areas. Gradually, they blend all of the value between the darkest dark, and the lightest light areas.

Day 4, June 27: Analogous Color Landscape Drawing
Students will choose 4 analogous colors on the color wheel, plus corresponding tints and shades to create their pallet. The emphasis will be on a warm or cool pallets. Students will create a line drawing copy of an imaginary landscape picture. Keeping in mind that bright intense colors come forward, less intense colors fade behind, students will use their analogous color pallets to create a landscape chalk drawing. The artist of the day will be Henri Rousseau, The Snake Charme.

Day 5, June 28: Polychromatic Complimentary Color Abstract Expression Painting
Students will focus on a warm or cool pallet of colors, intensified by complimentary highlights. Blue edges on an orange flower pedal will make the orange more intense. Yellow stars on a dark blue sky intensify and brighten the sky. Artist of the day is Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night and Sunflowers.

Day 6, June 29: Atmospheric Perspective and Light
Students will create a landscape painting by manipulating the intensity of color to create the illusion of three dimensional space.